the_special_two (the_special_two) wrote,

It's been a while...

 I haven't posted since forever... and while I was active in a community, I have been away for 3 and a half months...

I hate that I am at relatively the same point. Went through recovery, but rushed the last part and fell straight back down, maybe not as far, but I'm getting worse. 

Just today called my treatment team, for my 3 month follow up... Decided to bite the bullet and tell the truth, so maybe another round of treatment, but this time I am doing it all, not cutting it short for travels, and not lying. I owe it to myself, and to the people that know me, so I can be more present. I need to do this to survive my degree, and get honours, and into a phd program, and everything that I want but have never allowed myself. 

We'll see.
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